Playing Card Machine Gun - Card Throwing Trick Shots in 2020

Fruit ninja. "Oh!" "In Half!" the thought that a person's being can throw a card with this type of power and accuracy is insane to m Fruit e. Look at that! And while throwing cards isn't necessarily, My strong suit I can design and build stuff so I made the world's first deadly powerful playing card machine gun.

So I'm gonna give you a quick overview of the design and performance of my machine And then to really test it out I'm gonna go head-to-head Man vs Machine In a series of challenges against the best card thrower in the world. Here we go.

So to start off you load a deck of cards in the bottom right here and then there's really two parts to the gun First you want to slide the cards forward one at a time from the top of the deck underneath That's what this belt and pulley are for.

And by turning this variable resistor we can adjust the feed speed and then for the second part you've got this main wheel with oring stretched around that's attached to this brushless DC motor The cards are pushed under the wheel and it contacts on the left side and it spins them out underneath like this It works because there's a gap under the spinning wheel That's just barely smaller than the thickness of a single card and to build it as usual first We started in CAD then machined the main body out of aluminum c-channel after that It was just a matter of putting it together and running a lot of tests and so this is what it looks like running in single-shot mode then machine gun mode then Robin Hood mode and maybe my favorite part is that if you would like extra stability you only push this button I think I'm happy enough with how its performing at this point So now it's time for the real test and to do that I tracked down a man who could throw a card through almost anything Rick Smith jr.

So what percentage World Records does one hold Rick? I hold three Guinness Book World Records throwing a playing card the far that's 72 yards 92 miles an hour the highest and considered the most accurate All right. So in order to objectively test how good this really is I am challenging the best the human race has to offer three rounds man Versus machine. [Rick] Let's do this. This is like a metaphor.

Yeah it is How do you feel with all of humanity's hopes and dreams resting squarely on your shoulders? [Rick] Really worried about this? This is pretty impressive I will say it looks I think a little more intimidating that it is this highly over-engineered.

[Rick] Is it? No, no Let's go Okay round one man versus machine, okay How many cards could you do the styrofoam in six seconds? Six seconds? Got plenty of room I got this. This is a machine gun. Start! And time! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 9 in six seconds! I'll time you. Ready? Well, I didn't want to introduce this yet. Just right out of the gate, but [Rick] what's that? Go! 8, 9, 10, 11, 12! Oh Even though I beat him in the first of our three rounds Rick said he'd show me a few of his trick shots. Round two! Are you ready? Right now? I just want to say. Machines - 1 Humanity - 0 Well, this is often about accuracy as your machine accurate because it is fast even more accurate than it's fast, but all I'll prove that to you.

I throw the olive up one chance. One chance. slice of clean power Got it. Wow! Completely in half. Am I nervous? No? All right! Time for the machine. Let's go! "Do you know that close?" "It's not close at all!" "Things gonna mean something. Dude." "You switch the olives" "I did not" That's fine. 1 - 1 I guess. Oh my god! That scared me I want you to think of a playing card any playing card on them? We've been playing with cards all day long. Yeah, awesome Name that card now! That's a common card you sure you want that card. Yeah. All right. This is an ASIS play.

That's my business card I don't know why that's in there. But you really want the ASA spades. You could change it if you'd like. I don't [Rick] What you're changing it to? Three of clubs. [Rick] I knew he would. Look at this. You look through the cards like this. Look look look, you'll see that one card and one card only is different It happens to be the three of clubs Stop! [Rick] Was that it? So cool My mind just broke. I hate you so much. [Rick] I'm so sorry. The world is no longer true. It's witchcraft! And to help calm my very troubled mind before the final showdown I decided we should blow some stuff up.

[Rick] Guys ready? And the physics at play here is pretty straightforward If you've ever put your hand out the window of a car You know what happens if you barely angle it up or down. So to fly fast you want to be perfectly level there's this sweet spot right in the middle when I covered the science of the perfect rock skip in another video we talked about how Spinning things are more stable because of Newton's first law So Rick really flicks his wrist to maximize the card rotation Which keeps it stable and level slicing through the air much longer than anyone else on the planet.

All right, Rick Smith jr alright Mark Rober. This is the last competition. Okay. What are we doing? First one is sticking in watermelon wins That should be easy one. Try.
There's the one catch the cool little twist is we have to shoot under the waterfall Okay. All right.

So you're gonna give us a countdown. I'll count this is often it man versus machine? Is it this? Over-engineered NASA piece of junk or the collegiate baseball throwing guinness record card thrower.

Place your bets within the comments below Just do not forget to require this into consideration When I count to three, I'm three, yep one NOO! I'm out! [Rick]You're out? And so while the robot uprising is undeniably marching closer everyday At least for the time being Rick Smith jr. has our back If you want to learn how to throw cards like Rick Smith jr. He actually put up a tutorial video on his channel It's actually a super teachable skill because I started out like this and less than five minutes later I was doing this so Go check that out and sub his channel for more cool magic and card trick shots Rick Could we go maybe a little thinner on those slices Pal?

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