Solar Eclipse of June 21st [ First Surya Grahan 2020 ] - 3 Things You Need To Know!

 The June solstice, new moon, solar eclipse brings a huge energy of change, reset, and transformation. And in this article, Solar Eclipse of June 21st [ First Surya Grahan 2020 ] - 3 Things You Need To Know! I'm going toshare with you the three key things that you need to know about it. In this article, I'm excited to share three main keys and themes and things you need to know about the new moon solstice solar eclipse happening on June 21st, depending on your time zone and where in the world you are.
●  So diving right in with number one is that this date, this galactic level event is a major zero point reset and trajectory change a timeline node of change and infinite possibility for humanity, for the earth, for the collective consciousness. And for us as individuals.
So eclipse energies always bring aboutfaded changes and what's happening now is changes that are destined for humanity to under go are beginning to unfold. This period of change and transformationis heightened for the next six months, but then is really going to play outover the course of the next two years. And this is important tounderstand because these aren't Little changes. This is again, a major trajectory shiftand an alignment to turn away from the old things that aren't working,even though there's not yet a clear solution, a clear path ahead for how wecan positively change, but the energy is supporting the change. And so the opportunity is here tobe present, to be centered, to tune into neutrality, to observe as thewinds of change, blow as emotional storms brew, and to tune in tothe feeling of the highest divine possibility to align with that highestdivine trajectory that is in store.

So as events and changes and challenges outside of your control unfold, stay present. Keep returning to love. Step back into the position of the observer. Reconnect with your heart. Listen to your inner guidance. So you can receive that divine inspirationto refocus on your highest intentions for what you can cocreate with the divine,for what can be birthed through you.

So this is a moment of introspection,a moment of going within to recharge and reconnect with your inner light,so that your highest divine timeline. Path and trajectory can begin to appear. Don't worry if it's not entirely clear. In fact, it probably isn't clear,but trust that those waves of inspiration coming in are and willlead you through when you keep returning one moment at a time.

To presence to listening to your inner guidance and inspiration and acting in alignment with that, that ensures that you stay sinked with the highest future timeline and possibility for you as you resolve old energies and allow the old to crumble away. So the new. What truly serves at the soul level at the level of divine truth can emerge.

●  Number two, we are as humanityand as individuals under going, and it's about to be amplified, yes. Even further, a period of major. Cleansing major cleansing and clearing out the old distorted discordant energies that no longer serve. This is a big clearing of emotional and ancestral patterns that you've inherited that you've taken on from society, but that are ultimately illusions and that are so far from your divine, authentic and core. Truth.

So as patterns arise, as blockage sarise, as distortion arises, there's an opportunity to love what emerges to love it and to recognize that it is not your truth and that when you drop beneath that into your very core, your core, your truth is that you are. Inner divine being of love of free will a vital divine life force energy.

And you have a unique soul mission and purpose and reason for being here. You are one of the beings who is here inthe physical to help bring about the most positive train, change and transformation. And a part of this is clearing away,stripping away, purging and letting go of all that no longer serves. Now I want to clarify, this does not meanthis is not a permission slip to just slip into a moody dark shadowy period. This is an opportunity to consciously move forward in clearing the old patterns and perspectives that as they arise, you're able to observe them and think this is not who I am. This is not how I want to act.

How can I clear this? At the very core at the truth of you, you are directly connected to the divine I am. And to all that is. And when you're in sync with this,the flow of divine abundance, love prosperity blessings is able to unfold for you in your life. So when patterns of old energy arise,when perspectives that you have been carrying up here, There's a powerful cleansing prayer that you can do saying to the divine, you may have heard this called ho Pono Pono saying to the divine. I love you. I'm sorry for anything arising inme that is out of alignment with you with your truth with your divine will please forgive me. I love you. Thank you. And as you clear out the old patterns and energies, you can sync with your highest divine timeline and highest divine truth.

I want to repeat something I said earlier. Feel in to the highest possibility foryour future feel in to the vibrant, joyful, new earth energy that is possiblefor you, what would it look like if you lived your embodied truth, what would it look like for you to fully accomplish living your life purpose? What does your vibrant vitality,joy, peace harmony look like? For you, it's not going to be perfectly clear. You won't see exactly how to get there,but feel into it, feel the bliss, the joy, the elation of being alive and aligning with your highest divine truth and know that this feeling pattern.

Aligns this highest divine timeline with you, additional things that are helpful are of course, meditation time and nature,journaling, reflecting, looking within what do I truly desire at the level of my heart and soul and know that what's coming up now for clearing is doing so. So you can sync with ahigher level of your divine True.

●  And number three, the third key thing you need to know about this profound gateway energy is that there are huge opportunities for heart center expansion for you to expand and awaken your heart light, to receive greater levels of divine love, truth, and wisdom for you toactivate the star, like qualities of your tourist, Heart field, which empower you.

To embody Christ consciousness toembody your mastery, to sync with the guidance of your team who arestepping forward from spirit to serve and assist you now in realigning thetrajectory for your life to align with the highest possibilities for you. A lot of this that I've been talking about is very esoteric, but there are physical, tangiblere alignments at the level of Holmes. Curity financial abundance, clear in gold ancestral patterns and emotional woundings new divine, feminine energies coming in for greater creativity and nurturing, and love and all of this. Is empowered.

The highest divine timeline is empowered through activating that heart light within you staying presentas emotional storms come and pass, knowing that you are not the storm. You are not the emotion. You are the underlying connection with the zero point field and divine truth within your open heart, that when youtune into and dive into, you're able to activate it now to an entirely new level. To bring forth the codes of your divine mastery, the embodiment of your highest divine love into being into your life,into your body for your benefit and in the highest interest of all, if you would like further help with this, I have a powerful angelic activation series Ichannels and I'm channeling there's new Session's going to be coming out for this eclipse gateway.

But ultimately know that this gateway,this node point is about resolving the old to make way for something new, forthe highest divine truth of you to emerge. Now, I want to draw a quick card. For just a final message of insight and inspiration from the news24updatees as to what is possible and what we most need to know. And our card for this gateway is enlightenment.

So this is the opportunity for you to claim your light for you to expand your consciousness. Activate your heart center and to call forth the sacred geometric codes, the hidden script of love and peace and unity for humanity for the earth. And for all this happens one moment and one person at a time dropping into love, dropping into direct connection with divine, with the all and letting the divine codes ofpeace healing, abundance prosperity. Love Anchor and embody through you for your life and in the highest interest of all.

I hope this was helpful for you. I have another article about this entire period of the eclipse gateway that I recommend you check out here and then I will see you in the next article.
Bye for now. 

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