October 15, 2020

Ishan Kishan, 22 years old cricketer, Ishan Kishan Girlfriend & Life Style, Playing For Mumbai Indians, IPL 2020

 What seems easy but is really hard? 

Ishan Kishan, 22 years old cricketer, Ishan Kishan Wife & Life Style, Playing For Mumbai Indians, IPL 2020

Ishan Kishan, 22 years old cricketer, Ishan Kishan Wife & Life Style, Playing For Mumbai Indians, IPL 2020
Ishan Kishan Lifestyle 

This man needs no introduction.

He is Ishan Kishan, 22 years old cricketer who is playing for Mumbai Indians in this IPL season.

Suddenly, he started gaining a lot of popularity on social media, and he deserves it too.

What makes him suddenly popular?

His outstanding performance against RCB in which he scored a magnificent score of 99 and got out, missing the mark of 100 by just 1 run. And everybody’s sympathy towards him.

Or after the match, the post by his rumored girlfriend Aditi Hundia. Yes, she is the same girl who became an Internet sensation overnight in the last year’s IPL. And as usual, there is a tug of war on the internet claiming that who among them rich and who chooses whom for just money. The same happened after Chahal announced his engagement with Dhanashree Verma.

Now here comes the lesson to learn by youths. Everything seems like a fairy tale in the life of Ishan Kishan. From getting bought for a whopping INR 5.5 crore this IPL 2020 to getting a so-called hot gf.

Leave Ishan Kishan, just in general consider the lifestyle of any Actor, Model, Singer, sports player, Ex Tiktoker (presently Mx Taka Tak, Instagram Reel, Snack video, Moj and lau** lehs**). The youth may feel jealous by seeing their lifestyle. Their lavish cars, dressing style, popularity. The youth that is preparing for any competitive exams, whether it is engineering, medical, UPSC, or any other exams starts feeling low. They feel that they are doing much more struggle than them, there is much more competitive in the exam that they are preparing. Yet they can't get that much fame that the young cricketer, or cringe Tiktoker, Actor, Model and singers are getting.

Now from this time, whenever you start feeling low in your studies or any work that you are doing, just ask these questions from yourself. And you yourself realize everything.

Is everyone who plays cricket gets selected in the Indian team or IPL?

Is everyone who is making videos on TikTok became popular?

Is everyone who sings a song gets a chance for singing in a movie?

Is everyone who is a struggling actor gets a chance to act in a big movie?

Is everyone preparing for any competitive exam gets selected?

The answer to all the above questions is No. There is competition in every field. You have to compete in one form or other till your death.

Getting that type of lifestyle seems easy, but it is really hard.

“Not everyone who struggles becomes successful”.

Or you can better say,

“Everybody who struggles becomes successful in some or the other way depends on what is success for you fame, money, respect, or self-satisfaction.”

But, there is an important point that should be followed after your success in life.

Always remember,

Your parents are with you when you have nothing, then it's your responsibility to be with them when you have something. And you should never forget your roots.

And trust me, this point makes us different between being Successful and being Good human being.

“It's very hard to be a successful and its harder to be good human being.”